Black Diamond Boosts Digital Sales with Syndic8's Platform

BOSTON, MA, March 20, 2023, The Black Diamond Group Inc. (Black Diamond), a leading provider of top-quality protective footwear, announced its selection of Syndic8 as their e-commerce syndication platform. With a vast selection of high variant SKUs, Black Diamond needed a solution to simplify the process of managing product information and streamline the flow of data across all digital selling channels. Syndic8's platform allows for the normalization of data upon ingestion to ensure all digital selling channels' requirements are met, increasing operational efficiency and the integrity of Black Diamond's product information on the digital shelf.

Through Syndic8's collaborative platform, Black Diamond can seamlessly syndicate product information to various digital trading partner and marketplace destinations, including but not limited to Dicks Sporting Goods, Boot Barn, Zappos, DSW, and Tractor Supply Co. By partnering with Syndic8, Black Diamond can expect an increase in sales velocity, improved data quality, and reduced time-to-market.

"We are thrilled to take advantage of Syndic8’s innovative solution for managing high variant SKUs," said Jennifer Waddell, VP, Digital Strategy and Marketplaces. "Their platform will allow us to streamline our product information management process and increase our network of digital selling channels with ease.�

"Syndic8 is extremely excited to work with Black Diamond and help them take their digital sales to the next level," said Chris John, CEO and Cofounder of Syndic8. "Our platform is designed to simplify the process of managing product information and streamline the flow of data across all channels, making it easier for companies to succeed in the digital marketplace."

Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that help clients stay ahead of the competition. Syndic8 is always on the lookout for new technologies and best practices to enhance their platform and improve their clients' experiences. 

About Syndic8  

Syndic8 partners with leading brands, retailers, and marketplaces to increase the velocity and quality of data necessary to power digital sales. With a background in building financial trading applications, the founders of Syndic8 have built numerous large-scale, high-throughput applications designed to move data instantaneously between companies. Syndic8 brings this speed to a market where product, pricing, and inventory information typically take days or weeks to communicate; with Syndic8’s collaborative platform, communication takes place instantaneously.

About The Black Diamond Group, Inc.

Black Diamond is a leading provider of top-quality protective gear, specializing in innovative solutions that help customers stay safe and perform at their best. With a reputation for quality and performance, Black Diamond is a trusted name in the industry, providing customers with the protection they need to take on any challenge. Visit their website at to learn more about their products. 


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