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Maximize your logistics capacity and streamline your supply chain connectivity with Rapidmap.


Message & Data Ingestion and Cleansing
Message & Data Transformation & Translation
Message & Data Transfer & Routing
Message Submission and Error Tracking

Logistics Partners

Onboarding Speed

Data Accuracy

Real-Time Visibility

Decreases human error

Streamlining data connectivity across the supply chain network

As the “data layer”, RapidMap sits in the middle of e-commerce and logistics supply chain enablement technologies. RapidMap’s growth strategy is driven by strategic partnerships with the wider ecosystem that relies on constant and precise product content, data management and delivery capabilities across the e-commerce and retail/logistics supply chain landscape.

Rapidmap connections diagram

What sets RapidMap apart?

We enable end-to-end supply chain visibility, effectively bridging the data gap between retailers, manufacturers and everyone in between.

Multi-format connectivity

Automate the data transmission process between your company and your global supply chain management platform.

Supports all major formats in supply chain communication (EDI, XML, CSV, EXCEL, JSON).

Supports connections to common data transmission protocols (AS2, SFTP, API).

Mapping & audit

Leverage predefined connectivity profile to streamline connection setup.

Solve complex message translation using tools driven by industry tailored matching algorithms and AI to learn from connections and automate future/repetitive transformation.

Reduce data mapping and connectivity timelines by 50-70%.

Application design and security

Designed for business teams without the need for a technical expert.

Connect from any browser with a turnkey, cloud-based SaaS solution.

Stay secure knowing our platform is SOC2 certified.

Why we are the premier choice in business


Best-in-class automation software for  supply chain connectivity & real-time data monitoring


Comprising a skilled team of over 20 experts, with combined 75 years of industry experience


Strong presence in the logistics ecosystem with partners across the globe


Specialized in managing messaging and data needs e.g. EDI message translation, transformation, and distribution


Robust controls in place to mitigate risks related to security and privacy of customer data


Strong reputation among well-known partners, customers who have rely on our solutions

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