Dockers Shoes, Genesco Inc. select Syndic8 to automate digital item setup

Boston, US (October 06, 2021) - Syndic8, the provider of cloud-based and collaborative, digital product distribution solutions, announced that Genesco Inc. has signed on to use its Product Content Management platform. This client acquisition marks another keystone retailer joining the expanding family of companies that utilize the Syndic8 platform.

Genesco Inc. is an American owned specialty retailer of branded footwear and accessories, and is a wholesaler of branded and licensed footwear out of Nashville. Through various subsidiaries, Genesco operates over 1,400 retail stores all across the United States. Following their core values of integrity, respect and trust Genesco has been able to create and curate leading footwear brands that represent style, innovation, and self-expression, as well as being the leading destination for consumers favorite fashion footwear.  

Chris John, Co-Founder and CEO at Syndic8 stated "Syndic8 is very excited to have Genesco Inc. select and implement Syndic8. Genesco Licensed Brands has a well thought out digital strategy and we are glad to play a role in making the strategy a reality. Our clients are sending digital product content to more partner destinations than ever before. The ability to communicate this quality digital content at a high velocity is the new norm, and key to expanding sales".

Syndic8's user-friendly platform will enable Genesco Inc. sales executives to easily curate and deliver product to their retail e-commerce partners. With the growing importance of the digital channel, the ability to consistently connect with an ever-expanding network of e-commerce destinations is now critical. Syndic8 optimizes e-commerce sales by getting products on the digital shelf sooner and with greater accuracy. Syndic8 is extremely pleased to have Genesco Inc. on our client list and look forward to a long and beneficial partnership assisting with their expansion into the digital channels.

For further information about this announcement, please contact:

Syndic8                                                Trisha Sweeney             Linkedin

Genesco Inc.                                        Taylor Pierce                  Linkedin

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