How Rich Media and Enhanced Content Can Help Your Company Stand Out Against The Competition

How Enhanced Content and Rich Media Can Help Your Brand Sell More

66 % of consumers prefer watching a shorter product video, rather then reading through a description

- Wyzowl's 2022 Video Marketing Statistic Report

Rich Media and Enhanced Content Help Your Brand Deliver Content Beyond Standard Images and Product Descriptions. and other Online Marketplaces Require Third-Party Solutions to Upload Rich Media and Enhanced Content

How Syndic8 Can Help Your Brand Upload Rich Media Content


Syndic8's drag and drop platform allows for easy upload and storage of your rich media content


Syndic8 manages the delivery of rich media content to your desired trading partner destinations

Increase Your Sales:

Sit back and watch your sales numbers skyrocket as your products stand out amongst the competition

We knew rich media would enhance the customer experience, but we needed a third-party solution to achieve our vision. We chose Syndic8 due to the competitive price point they offered and their excellent customer service. We believe the use of rich media content will continue to increase as it is a cost-effective way to increase visibility and sales. Ryan Bussman, Marketing Director of OPTP

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