How Syndic8's Verification Service is Helping Dan Post Boots Co. Optimize Their Sales on The Digital Shelf


"It has been extremely important to Dan Post Boots Co. that we have a centralized, high-quality repository of our brand's digital content. This has allowed us to easily expand our distribution network while maintaining our brand image and data quality.

We were approached by Syndic8's product team to partner in developing a Verification and Monitoring Service for our product information. We partnered with Syndic8 to verify the availability of sellable products across a select group of retailers at a very granular UPC level. Syndic8's team has years of experience across a diverse set of retailers and channels, and they helped us craft a strategic plan to identify products that were readily available for sale but not actively being sold."


Dan Post Boots Company, Director of E-Commerce


Dan Post is an iconic western brand with a heritage of challenging the status quo. In a time when cowboy boots needed a break-in period to be comfortable we were the first to design a boot that provided comfort from the first step. From that moment, our name became synonymous with superior fit, innovative design, and handcrafted cushion comfort.

To this day, we've stayed true to our roots. Each boot starts with the finest exotic skins and premium leathers and is handcrafted with both artistry and comfort in mind. We promise careful attention to detail throughout all 160 steps of our process to ensure the highest level of quality. Because of this, our boots offer the most comfortable experience in western footwear.

In addition to Dan Post, our brands include: Laredo, Dingo, and McRae Boots.


To develop a Verification and Monitory Service for digital product information after the products are live on the digital shelf.



Select a group of core styles and retail partners to verify "live" status against for one month


Sales optimization up to $500,000 - $750,00

Identified immediate problems for partnership solution

Both the brand and retailer both reap the benefits by selling more inventory

Additional Benefits

Benefit One

Verification Breakdown provides a simple, powerful picture of your trading partner's ability to effectively sell products by your brand.

Benefit Two

Inventory and Status comparison Breakdown provides your sales team with an opportunity for sales optimization and improvement.

Benefit Three

The Verification Service acts as a layer of protection as it identified issues on the retailer's end (no inventory in stock, bad EDI connection, a system refresh issue. ect.) and gives your company time to resolve the issue before it becomes a real problem

Benefit Four

Additionally, the Verification Service strengthened the relationship between the brand and retailer by working collaboratively. It is absolutely a win win for both parties!


"Syndic8 checked product statuses across each of our key retail sites throughout the course of one month. The problems were exposed immediately and within a week we had a clear picture of what was working and what needed improvement. This exercise provided us critical insight on how we could better optimize and improve sales across our existing network, as well as monitor our product connection with a variety of trading partners"


Dan Post Boot Company, Director of E-Commerce

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