Lamo Sheepskin Inc. Partners With Syndic8

BOSTON, MA, December 6, 2022 - Lamo Sheepskin Inc., the California comfort brand that specializes in sheepskin footwear products, has selected Syndic8 as their data management and e-commerce delivery platform. Forward thinking retail brands, such as Lamo Sheepskin, are integrating strategic software solutions that add tremendous value by automating their manual processes to protect their bottom line. At every company, sales, operations, e-commerce and marketing teams spend endless hours putting together new product information templates for their online marketplaces and retail destinations. The Syndic8 platform creates a centralized location for all e-commerce data, optimizes organization of content by retailer, and seamlessly syndicates data between large and small dealers. With the growing importance of the digital channel, the ability to consistently connect with the constantly expanding network of e-commerce destinations is now key. Syndic8 optimizes e-commerce sales by getting products on the digital shelf sooner, with greater accuracy. Syndic8 is extremely happy to have Lamo Sheepskin on our client list and looks forward to a long and beneficial partnership.

Jerry Breig, COO at Lamo Sheepskin stated, As we close out the year and plan for 2023, Lamo Sheepskin is making data management and syndication a top priority.  We've partnered with Syndic8 to ensure our data is of high quality, to improve our operational efficiency and to access their plug-and-play retail destinations.  Their service will get our products on the digital shelf sooner, providing a critical revenue protection mechanism as we anticipate entering a recessionary cycle.  Lamo Sheepskin was not only looking for a new technology platform, but a true partner to execute our digital strategy.

About Syndic8 

Syndic8 partners with leading brands, retailers, and marketplaces to increase the velocity and quality of data necessary to power digital sales. With a background in building financial trading applications, the founders of Syndic8 have built numerous large-scale, high-throughput applications designed to move data instantaneously between companies. Syndic8 brings this speed to a market where product, pricing, and inventory information typically take days or weeks to communicate. With Syndic8's collaborative platform, communication takes place instantaneously.

About Lamo Sheepskin Inc.

Lamo brand was founded in 1995 and launched our authentic sheepskin product range along the Southern California coastline. Lamo's Sheepskin provided the perfect mix of warmth and comfort to combat the cool coastal breezes both at home and around the town. Today, Lamo has grown into an active lifestyle California footwear brand offering a wide range of products that meet all your footwear needs, from classic sheepskin styles and moccasins, to sandals, house shoes, and casual footwear. Lamo Sheepksin promises that every step taken will be done in California Comfort. To view Lamo brand's collection:

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