Syndic8 and Kinimatic announce strategic alliance to offer one-stop shop for "port to purchase" solutions for e-commerce retailers

The alliance brings together the best-in-class strengths of the two organizations to help drive successful growth for omni-channel retail operations

Boston, US (August 9th, 2021) - Syndic8, the provider of cloud-based, collaborative, plug and play, Product Content Management solutions and, Kinimatic, the single location for all your warehousing and fulfillment needs, have announced the launch of their strategic alliance. The alliance combines Syndic8[s digital product management and distribution platform with Kinimatic's order fulfillment, warehousing and logistics capability to simplify and streamline the management of retailer supply-chains and further enhance demand planning capability.

As the retail industry continues to adapt business models to react to the pandemic-fuelled, global challenges, the three key operational tenets of velocity, visibility and verification are ever-present. It's imperative to be able to react quickly to sales opportunity, have oversight of where inventory is located and check that product demand can, and is, being met. The synergies brought by Syndic8 and Kinimatic focus on these needs and offer a practical and real solution to the challenges faced in the market.

The joint offering will combine:

  • Syndic8's cloud-based, SaaS platform for efficient, cost-effective product content management, distribution and validation, resulting in a reduced time-to-market for new products and new channels
  • Kinimatic's wide-reaching physical warehouse presence and flexible arrangements, to develop optimized supply-chains, through a single point of contact, allowing faster execution of sales in more locations Â

Mike Shaw, COO at Kinimatic, commented "Essentially, Syndic8 and Kinimatic are already serving the same customers. Bringing the companies' offerings together under this alliance was an easy decision and offers increased value to the market; commercially, operationally and from a streamlined supplier management perspective." He went on to add, "With e-commerce playing an ever-increasing role in the retail sales mix, the need to react quickly to demand is paramount and this alliance is an example of two agile, market aware companies doing exactly that".

For further information about this announcement, or to discover more about the solution, please contact:

Syndic8                                    Joe DiNardo     Linkedin

Kinimatic          `                       Mike Shaw        Linkedin

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