Syndic8 and EDRAY announce strategic alliance to offer fully integrated visibility of inventory goods in transit

Boston, US (August 2nd, 2021) - Syndic8, the provider of cloud-based, collaborative, plug and play, Product Content Management solutions and EDRAY, supplier of technology-based collaborative port logistics solutions, have announced a strategic alliance to help organizations gain real-time visibility of inventory goods in transit and drive better demand planning.

The joint offering will shine a bright light into the blackhole of international transportation by:

  • Providing accurate data covering movement of goods from port of origin, on water, rail and truck, through to unload at the distribution center
  • Detailing inventory in transit from vessel level down to individual items / SKU
  • Consolidating data and presenting full inventory, location and itinerary details in a single, user-friendly dashboard
  • Enabling enhanced demand planning by integrating inventory in transit data with existing warehouse / partner location data
  • Providing real operational solutions to effectively manage the international supply chain.

Chris John, co-founder and CEO at Syndic8, commented "As our customers continue to adapt their business models to react to the pandemic-fuelled global challenges, we are constantly hearing three key operational tenets; velocity, visibility and verification. It's imperative to be able to react quickly to sales opportunity, have oversight of where inventory is located and check that product demand can, and is, being met. We have invested heavily in our platform and, as a result of this strategic alliance, can add visibility to our core strengths of velocity and verification".

Reade Kidd, co-founder and CEO at EDRAY, added "Digital transformation is enabling revolutionary change across the business landscape. EDRAY is at the forefront of that change in the port logistics and transportation world and Syndic8 are at the forefront in the digital transformation of e-commerce sales operations. Combining the strengths of both organizations makes perfect sense and brings a unique solution to market for the resolution of current and ongoing challenges in the industry".

For further information about this announcement or to find out more about the solution, please contact:

Syndic8: Chris John - Linkedin

EDRAY: Reade Kidd - Linkedin

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