Syndic8 further strengthens its presence in the apparel and accessories space

Boston, US (May 25, 2021) - Syndic8, the provider of cloud-based, collaborative, plug and play, digital data distribution platforms, announced that Brand Strategy has become the latest addition to its rapidly expanding client base.

Established in 2005, Brand Strategy manages, globally, a distinguished portfolio of branded products within specialized channels, including wholesale clubs, Amazon and Travel Retail. The integration of the Syndic8 platform into their service model will facilitate yet further streamlining of Brand Strategy's market-leading operational processes.

Zionna Yarbrough, Director of E-commerce at Brand Strategy, stated "What attracted us to Syndic8 is they are the forerunners in content management for high variant fashion catalogs. A large portion of our client base is in the apparel and shoes categories, which is a challenge from a content management perspective due to color and size multipliers, and largely seasonal assortments. The partnership with Syndic8 supports us as an agency to manage large seasonal fashion assortments, effectively and efficiently across multiple brands and categories".

She went on to add, "By utilizing Syndic8 we significantly cut the time spent on data management and can invest more time on optimizing detail page content and SEO, and less time transferring data to spreadsheets. Syndic8 has virtually eliminated the manual workload and the countless hours our team spent transferring catalog data to item sheets and uploading images. As a result, our team is able to focus its time on more important growth initiatives for both our business and clients".

The Syndic8 platform provides access to a product-specific digital ecosystem covering brands, retailers, specialists, wholesalers, e-commerce marketplaces and fulfillment partners that allows a rapid deployment of digital product content across multiple supply chain organizations. Syndic8's state-of-the-art solution allows brand owners, their partners and retailers to reach more consumers, through their chosen channels, at the right time and at the lowest operational cost.

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