Syndic8 Series Q1 Update

Syndic8 Joins Walmart Marketplaces as a Connected Content Service Provider

Syndic8, the product content management platform that provides business management solutions for the e-commerce industry, is proud to announce that it has been approved by Walmart as a Connected Content Solution Provider. This allows Syndic8 Platform Users a direct connection via API to Walmart in order to deliver high-quality product content, images, and pricing information to the Walmart Marketplace. Syndic8 engineers collaborated with Walmart Marketplace technology teams to verify content, image delivery, and all associated error handling functionality. Syndic8 specializes in high variant product classes such as footwear and apparel which can be challenging to map via a programmatic connection.

Syndic8 has numerous brand customers that are eager to use this connectivity to deliver information to the Walmart Marketplace. Chris John, CEO of Syndic8, noted that This type of API-based connectivity between trading partners is the future of how information will flow. We are delighted to be selected as a trusted Connected Content Service Provider by Walmart Marketplace.


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New Customers

We are thrilled to announce that Market Performance Group (MPG), Netrush, and Muk Luks have elected Syndic8 as their content delivery service provider.

The explosive growth of e-commerce is placing continued pressure on brands, retailers, marketplaces and distributors. Syndic8's technology is helping customers to ensure their digital content is complete, of high quality, and easily distributed to trading partners.

Service Offering

Syndic8's digital capabilities continue to innovate as retailers
and online marketplaces keep up with the demand and ever-changing landscape of e-commerce. We have dramatically enhanced our outbound data quality checks and verification by destination. Preflight data validation checks and fix data quality issues will be highlighted before syndicating product information to your retail destination. Furthermore, we've significantly augmented our external data mapping capabilities.

Looking to the future, Syndic8 has commenced paid pilots with several clients to develop our Delivery and Verification service.We are currently working with clients that require content syndication to complex destinations. A multitude of clients have requested us to perform weekly verification of all products sent in correlation with a given trading partner. Syndic8's verification service will meticulously analyze delicate data for accuracy such as price, marketing brand content, inventory and availability.

Product Spotlight

New API Connectivity Established

Syndic8 established new API connectivity this quarter. Regarding ERP integration, we have added SAP  ERP to our digital infrastructure. We've strengthened our digital capacity by adding OXFORD to maximize our clients' image optimization. Also, integrated APIs for Shopify, Walmart, and Amazon within Syndic8's digital portfolio to allow our clients to sell to the world's most profitable and well-known online marketplaces.

Enhanced Image Management and Video Content Delivery

Online retailers and marketplaces continue to require their BPM software to handle complex video content. Syndic8 enhanced our image syndication to top online marketplaces and retailer destinations. Our new product improvements will allow for significant match logic, auto-alignment of hero and tags per destination, and enhanced content delivery by storing videos and allowing URL pass through capabilities.

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