Syndic8 Series Q2 Update

Syndic8 Provides Seamless Integration of Enriched Media

Earlier this year, Walmart enabled brands to add rich media to their product content, including 360-degree images, product tours, customer review videos, expert reviews, and comparison tables. Despite these new options, very few brands have capitalized on this opportunity due to the technical challenges involved. Walmart requires retailers to use a content provider to host and submit the rich media content to Walmart, and very few companies are capable of providing these services.

As an approved Connected Content Solution Provider, Syndic8 now provides seamless integration of enriched media content on marketplaces such as Walmart. Syndic8 provides user-friendly and cost-effective syndication of enriched media content to Walmart. By integrating Syndic8's versatile digital solutions into your company, your brand will stay at the forefront of e-commerce innovation and win more customers in this increasingly competitive landscape.

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New Customers

Let Us Verify If Its Live

Product News, Our Improvements - Trading Partners - Product Category Expansion - Custom Tech Projects

New Customers

We are excited to share that Reebok, ara Shoes, Levi's Footwear, and OPTP have chosen Syndic8 as their content delivery service provider.

Our platform is helping customers to ensure their digital content is complete, of high quality, and easily distributed to trading partners.

Let Us Verify If Its Live

Syndic8's new Verification Program ensures that the brand's products are listed correctly and visible to consumers on their online retail partner's site. On one of Syndic8's preliminary tests of its Verification Program, it found that a retailer had an incorrect warehouse connection. During the 6-week monitoring process, this issue resulted in an inability for customers to view and purchase products online. This lack of listing of the brand's products on the trading partner's site correlated to a loss of $500,000 of annual revenue. As a result of these findings, the brand was able to rectify the problem with the help of Syndic8's Verification Program and eliminate any potential loss of revenue during the selling season. To that end, Syndic8's Verification Program benefited both the brand and the retailer.

Our Verification Program performs checks of seasonal and core products sent in correlation with a given trading destination. Our Syndication Service complements our Verification Program by maximizing your e-commerce sales by getting your products on the digital shelf sooner with greater accuracy while checking to see if your products stay on the digital shelf as well.

Product News

Our product team never stops (well, to sleep) and most of our enhancements are due to customer feedback and collaboration.

Our Improvements:

  • Shopify API Connectivity
  • Category Expansion to 400 New Fields
  • Auto Image Download for Both URL and Physical File
  • Image Renaming - Destination Specific
  • Product Content Import Screen

Trading Partner

We have over 100 trading destinations on our growing network. Join our expanding network to eliminate spreadsheet manipulation and allow your brand dramatic improvement in data quality and speed to the digital shelf.

Product Category Expansion

Syndic8 has expanded its product categories for high-variant products in the following categories: Footwear, Apparel, Accessories, Electronics, Beauty, Personal Care & Hygiene, Food & Beverage, Tools & Hardware, Athletic, Outdoor, Houseware, Medicine & Supplements, and much more.

Custom Tech Projects

We welcome any tech challenges you may encounter for us to solve.

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