Syndic8 Series Q4 Update

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a natural language processing tool that can create content, images and even code on demand via conversations with a chatbot.

Will You Incorporate ChatGPT Into Your Business?

According to a new CNBC report, a more customizable version of ChatGPT is in the works and is destined for your business, school, or government department. Since its public preview launch in November 2022, the OpenAI chatbot has spiked the interest of millions of personal and business users worldwide, to the point that investment bank UBS expects it to have surpassed 100 million active monthly users. It took TikTok around nine months to reach this figure. Following a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI (rumored to be around $10 billion), Microsoft has slowly been incorporating ChatGPT into more of its products, and it's now reportedly drawing up plans to let organizations make their own version. Microsoft's plans for Customized ChatGPT will allow companies to tweak ChatGPT to apply their own branding and train it with their own datasets. Currently, ChatGPT is only trained up to 2021, and cannot handle requests about more recent events. For 2023, Syndic8 is exploring ways to implement ChatGPT and similar AI models into our platform to enhance our user experience. We're looking to test this with 5-6 trusted partners. Do you want to be one?

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."-Bill Gates

Product News

The tech team at Syndic8 wanted to share some notable highlights from a product feature standpoint.

Release Notes

  • Release notes are now accessible in the Syndic8 platform via the Release Notifications navigation button found in the left hand navigation bar. These notes will be updated when enhancements are made and maintenance are performed to the Syndic8 platform.

Help Button

  • We added a help button to the bottom right hand side of the screen. The help button brings up a popup that suggests videos and tutorials on how to accomplish tasks based on the screen you are on. Available tutorials include:
  • Creating Collections & Smart Collections
  • Exporting Images
  • Updating Product Attributes
  • Syndicate A Product (Spreadsheet)
  • Bulk Update A Product - Find & Replace
  • Creating A Support Ticket
  • Advanced Filtering

Email Syndicated Files

  • You can now email excel templates directly to retailers from within Syndic8! Files can be emailed to a recipient email address from a trading partner's outbox via the file dropdown menu to the left of a file output. Once you've sent an email to a retailer, Syndic8 remembers that address for easy access the next time you need to submit products to a trading partner.

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